Visiting Day Camps

High up in the Mountains of Sutton all kids can explore their own backyard and connect to nature

We create a space for children to…

  • Play and explore the forest,
  • Hike, and engage in activities both structured and unstructured
  • Discover the local flora and fauna of the nature reserve
  • Build forest structures
  • Play in mountain streams
  • Create new friendships

We aim to foster a connection between young people and the forest. We believe outdoor play –with its challenges, is essential to a child’s development!

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ParticipACTION 2015 - Highlight Report


$75 per outing, for a half day or full day outing and access to the trails. Groups larger than 30 kids must hire a second guide.

Ratio of monitors to children

For the group’s safety we recommend one monitor to 7 children.


We are looking forward to hosting your summer camp!
To reserve please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 450-538-4085.


January 19th - Full Moon Hike to Round Top
February 16th - Full Moon Hike to Sommet des Hollandais
March 23th - Full Moon Hike to Mohawk Lake
June 15th -Full Moon Hike to Sommet des Hollandais 
August 17th- Moonlit Hike to Mohawk Lake
September 14th- Full moon Hike to Sommet des Hollandais