Safety and Etiquette

We ask that you follow these rules for the safety and enjoyment of all hikers and in order to least disturb the environment. Cycling, skiing and snowboarding are prohibited in the park. We aim to minimise soil compaction, rutting, accelerated erosion, widening of trails that deteriorate the natural environment, and the possibility of collision with hikers by prohibiting these activities.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash 

Dogs must be on a leash at all times. They are not permitted in the Réserve Naturelle des Montagnes-Vertes trails which includes Round Top. All visitors who do not respect this basic safety rule compromises public safety. We have received numerous complaints regarding dogs off leash. We invite dog owners to help us to enforce the leash rule by explaining it to other hikes who aren`t following the rule.

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Keep Our Trails Clean 

Do not leave dog poo on the trails. Simply push it into the forest. Where it will decompose more quickly than with biodegradable bags.


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Stay On Marked Trails

Use existing trails even if they are muddy or wet. By staying on the trails you help protect our natural heritage.


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Leave Nothing Behind 

Hike without leaving a trace. Bring back your garbage and pick up any you might find along the way.


Don't Feed The Wild Animals 

Feeding them can affect their health, alter their behavior, expose them to predators or other hazards.


Respect Other Hikers

Avoid speaking loudly and making noise, be attentive to what surrounds you.


Leave Nature Where In It's Place 

Do not pick plants, leave stones where they are, don`t alter natural historical or cultural objects, leave them in their original state. Areas outside the marked trails should be left untouched.


The 840 Chalet In The Winter

Hikers are welcome to visit the Mont Sutton 840 chalet, along the edge of the Allghanys ski slope. There is a cafeteria on site. You are not permitted to eat your own food in the Chalet during ski season.


Respect The Environment 

Fires are prohibited throughout the park.

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